About  My  Art

I would like to turn the viewer's focus to the profound beauty in the subjects that fascinate me and inspire me to paint.

It is one of my goals to create joy and spread a sense of positive energy.

I usually use brilliant, vigorous colours and strong contrasts in my paintings. Clear - often geometric - shapes and repetitive elements give a unique rhythm to my paintings, unifying and separating fore- and background at the same time. Therefore an observer sometimes has to take a moment to differentiate the object presented from its background. I use simplified and well-defined forms. The contours of the subject remain mostly naturalistic.


To increase the colours' impact I use extensive forms. The effect of the - often pure - colours is enhanced by the strong contrasts. The high purity of the colours makes the paintings appear to be flooded with light.


These intense colours and strong contrasts are like the pieces of a puzzle made up of intense stimuli. The vivid colours emmanate power, energy and joy of life. Strong contrasts create tension and energy and it is a challenge for me to create a sense of unity and even harmony in my paintings.

Just like in other aspects of our lives it is our task as painter and observer to find meaning by interpreting and unifying our sensual experience.

About  Me

I was born on September 27th 1966 in Gehrden near Hannover. I am married and have four children. I work as a teacher at a grammar school. As a painter I am self-educated. In 2016 I went public with my art calendar "Kempener Kunst-Blicke" of views of my hometown Kempen made from my acrylic paintings. Some other subjects that I love to paint are wildlife and landscapes.

I have always enjoyed painting, so why have I just gone public at the "tender" age of 5(ty)?

Well, it took me a while to develop my own distinctive style and to refine my techniques and compositions so that they meet my own standards for going public. And in the meantime I was active in sports, learned some professions (customs officer, programmer, teacher) and "co-managed" our (4-children) "family enterprise". Now, it's time to really dive into art ...

Upcoming    Exhibitions

August, 19th   2018                   Viersen OpenArt

Past Exhibitions

March to May   2018                            St. Peter Stift Kempen

August 20th, 2018                               OpenArt Viersen

June to September 2018                    Lichthofgalerie der Volksbank Viersen in Süchteln


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