My First Solo Exhibition

Last Monday I was in Süchteln at the local Volksbank Viersen branch and met the branch manager Mr. Neumann (a likeable man!). And yeesss! I will get my first solo-exhibition at the "Lichthof" gallery of the Volksbank Viersen in Süchteln from June to September 2017. My name is already on the list for upcoming exhibitions. Here's the link


Mr. Neumann told me that my style was very distinctive, colourful and refreshingly modern. Having my style acknowledged as "very distinctive" - which is what all artists strive for - was great praise for me! I went home feeling somewhat enthusiastic, spread the news and started working on my next painting right away.

Mr. Neumann said he was missing an artist's bio on my homepage. Well, I could easily explain that: I had nothing to write down there up to that day. I mean ok, I published my at calendar and my postcards in September but I have only just applied for exhibitions. So, now I have an exhibition list on my homepage as well (admittedly a rather short one, for now).

Here we go! My first solo - exhibition! Thanks to Mr. Neumann and the Volksbank Viersen! A great thing to let local artists present their art there.

They have a sort of all-round carefree package for artists (flyers, posters, insurance). Nice! There is still a lot to be done. After all it is my first exhibition. How do I hang? / which artwork? / in which rooms? Which paintings should I exhibit in Süchteln which ones in the Viersen Open Art?

I need a pricelist and business cards. Business cards should not be a problem it is just that I wanted to print all my social media sites there as well and I don't have a Facebook or Instagram account, yet. That needs to be fixed soon. Well, at least I now have a homepage and a blog! I didn't know that 100 business cards are more expensive than 500 cards. (Tsssk, think big?)

When asking myself the first question (how to hang the paintings?) I quickly realized that I don't know anything about that! They have a hook on a nylon cord hanging from the ceiling, so I need a nylon cord fixed across the back of my paintings' frames. So (DIY'er that I am -NOT!) I went to the nearest hardware store and when I stood in front of all those thousands of screws, hooks and hinges I thought that this is probably how East-Germans felt after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 when they first went into the supermarkets in the West (25 different cornflakes packages???). I bought a few different sized screws and hooks and some hinges (for the really big paintings, maybe?). I will try that out (suddenly all those weird DYI TV spots came to my mind - uugh!).

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