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General remarks on my gallery:


Never get tired of seeing your paintings, they're happy little splashes of color that brighten every day.

(espen.andresen.art) Great gallery … I like your style (martyshenkov_vadim) You have a very unique style. I love your creativity! (gilliamhugh_intl_realtor) Wonderful gallery (juriahngs) Prego oro sei bravissima (barbararicci1967) the person responsible for all the incredible artwork … (artistbuzz) your art is always wonderful (rodjonesartist)

Jump For Joy. Jumping Dolphin Mother and Calf 18.10.18


Never get tired of seeing your paintings, they're happy little splashes of color that brighten every day.


I love the colours /tones you have used Fantastic duo


J'aime your pictures. Your style is immediately recognize. Thank you.


Colourful Pride - (Löwenkopf) 23.7.18

How I love these colours! Awesome picture


Mein absoluter Favorit , great, fantastic, falling in love, wow, suuper, was für eine ausstrahlung ...


Queen of an artist ... King of a painting ... coronations


Such strength depicted!


Impressive in your signature style


Let's play Fetch  (Hund)  21.7.18

You have inspired me to use 'green'. It looks so fresh and pretty in your work.


Fantastic your dog


Absolutely adorable works


Orange Owl  19.7.18

Again a splendid art work. It's extraordinary: a puzzle art work but the owl (like the other previous anmals) looks alive. original style.


Visual delight


Georgeous work!


Three Cool Fellows (Pinguine)

So friggin adorable


Splendid art work: original, well done and brilliant colours. Your work makes me smile because me too i find the Penguins (and the puffins as well) so funny have a nice day


Beautiful painting. Love the composition.


Very nice. Your art is so special! :)



 Love the composition and colours

 5.11.17 beckett3737

 Brings joy! Wonderful work!!!

 5.11.17 artistescape00

 Your style is so lovely

 5.11.17 escapingink

 Génial !!!

 25.10.17 kelly_gaarato_art


 29.10.17 ensatrixie

  Very nice. Love the way you create believable and organic pictures with your signature style.

            28.10.17 mick.alexander.art

 Your use of colours does great credit to beautiful autumn.

 28.10. 17 mick.alexander.art

 Just so delightful … captures the joy of childhood.

 20.10. 17 deb8004

 Oh I just love dolphins and you have captured the magic in them ...

            17.10.17 deb8004


            14.10.17 1234dawoodi


            13.10.17 Siegmund0785

 I love your feed. Keep up the good work.

           10.10. 17 free-spirit-travellers

 Adoro suas pinturas! Sao lindas!

             4.10. 17 elversavietto

 Beautiful … beautiful works !!!

            4.10.17 joserenatovaldetaro

 Wow! That's great! Really!

 3.10.17 lilantje_art

 Hermoso acrilicos, felicitaciones ...

 30.9. 17 edgareduardo.mejiapuente

 It's such a delight to see your work thankyou ...

 30.9. 17 deb8004

 Very interesting gallery ...

 30.9.17 acrylic_oils_painting

 Beautiful koala

           28.9.17 dimaszada

 Very interesting gallery ...

           30.9.17 acrylic_oils_painting

 Awwww ….these cuties … so well done

           24.9.17 carlisartislove


            24.9. 17 bitabarf13

 Beautiful colouring ...

 23.9. 17 toba.obl

 Super cute fox

           21.9.17 ateliertinawahren




Great work! Love your style!

 1.5.17 trafdog

 Wow! Everything is beautiful

 30.4. 17 angyrossett

I'm just in love with the colour scheme and this artstyle

 25.4. 17 ocd.sb

 Love these strong orange blue contrasts as well! You're so talented!

 24.4. 17 _art.lover

 Beautiful art work!

 22.4. 17 artsyleoluiza

 Tutto molto bello … complimenti

 21.4. 17 ross_10.10

 Wow love your use of colour

 20.4. 17 basilgentleman

 Your stuff is seriously so good! I love the colours!

 15.4.17 rachelwhitingart

 Das sind wirklich tolle Bilder in der Galerie

 14.4.17 utesfarbwerkstatt

 Love your style and work, just amazing ...

 12.4.17 kms_fine_art

 Love this owl! Gorgeous!

 12.4.17 _art.lover

 Chasing the sunshine … amazing colour theme and art style ...

 11.4.17 ocd.sb

 Nice colour set ...

 11.4.17 caropaintings

 Beautiful paintings! Keep us excited ...

 5.4.17 artsyleoluiza

 I feel more joyful just looking at your post! Thanks for sharing your soul with us. I look forward to seeing more!

 2.4.17 thehotelartist

 totally rocks

 2.4.17 davidsdoodlesapparel

 You have wonderful talent so impressed

 2.4.17 artlover




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