Open Art Viersen Report


I was at the Viersen Open Art Festival yesterday. My first open air exhibition.


Fantastic organisation, great festival! The weather was nice and there were lots of visitors. I talked to many nice people.


As an exhibitor it is a bit of work with the preparation and the erecting and dismantling of the festival tents particularly since hardly anyone seems to have sold any larger pieces …


On the other hand it was quite interesting with lots of conversations and nice remarks.


I got lots of very positive remarks about my paintings ('Fantastic colour set.., truly unique, radiant colours ...'), some funny remarks, too ('Do you have this one in a smaller size?' or an old lady who asked: 'Did you paint those free-handedly? - Me: 'Well, how else would I do that?' She: ' Well, the grandchildren sometimes bring nice paintings, where they colour by numbers …' :-) ) and some strange remarks ('I find this signature too noticeable … couldn't you sign your paintings in a tonal colour?').


All in all quite the ego-booster and a very nice day.


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